What is DOIT COIN?

DONT QUIT aims to create a financial system that is open to everyone, minimizing the need to trust or distrust central authorities. Technologies such as the internet, cryptography and block chain provide us with the tools we need to establish and control a collective financial system without the need for central authorities. We give anyone, anywhere easy access to the digital economy that is secured by blockchain technology and the strongest community in the industry.

Why to choose DOIT COIN?

We intend to not just benefit the world but also encourage businesses to really consider allocating capital where it means the most. We believe in growing together Bringing secure Platform to you.

Safe and Secure

Application is protected with several security layers and constant updates.

User Friendly

Simple to use and efficient in terms of user experience.

High Speed

Transact crypto assets with light-speed performance and quick response time.


Stake your assets to maximize calculative returns on your holdings.

Transact & Store

Send, receive, and store your asset with wide range of supportability.


DOIT uses the benefit of yield farming by summarizing all of users' deposits into no loss investment.

Our Strategy


Doit Coin

Name of Token

Dont Quit Coin(Doit Coin)

Token Supply

5 Cr



BNB Smart Chain

(BEP - 20)



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